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Back to school... Already?

Posted on August 05 2015

For all you new mummies and daddies sending your child to school for the first time, students transitioning from primary to secondary, return students, foreign students, undergraduates and also teachers, September isn't as far as it seems! 

Ensure you have the best quality equipment required, in order for you to have the most studious year as possible. 

The best time in the school day is lunch time! 

Fridge BoxPack your child's lunch at ease, keeping it fresh with no further worries of the food getting squashed. This small fridge-shaped lunch box includes cutlery and is microwave safe. 

 Use Funky Notes to help you remember things!

A quick scribble, rip and stick is all it takes to help you remember every day essentials! 


Complete your stationary set with Amazeing Pens! 

Study and play at the same time! The old fiddling with your pen takes a whole new level with these brand new amazeing pens which include a fun game to play.

USB Voice Recorder 

The most perfect device a Uni Student could ask for! Sitting in long lectures, with your arm about to fall off writing notes, which you won't ever be able to read again, although it is your own handwriting? You will never forget to take your USB Voice Recorder into lectures ever again. This is a small USB looking voice recording device, which is extremely easy to operate and will easily record all your lecture notes for you. Plug it into your laptop, listen and study!


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Back to school image source: rco-consulting.com

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