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Surprise them with a Funky Father's Day!

Posted on June 12 2016

We all think we best know our Fathers until Fathers Day approaches... every year! A small gesture from their child can mean the world to all the Daddies out there. Surprise your Daddies with a Funky Father's Day this year with no extra confusion on what to get them! 

1. 'Beware of the Wife!' Surprise your Father and your Mother at the same time and enjoy a good laugh with the family!
                           Beware of the Wife Wallet       Beware of the Wife Doormat                 
2. Keyring Photo Frames - Let them feel the love with this special key ring which can hold up to three photos!

3. Or if they tend to loose them... Help 'Fetch their Keys' just this one last time! 
A funky, dog shaped key ring which helps you find your keys. Whistling sets off a beeper inside the key ring, and causes the dog's nose to flash, guiding you to your keys like a good companion should! 


4. Who wouldn't love a 'Dutch Courage Keyring'? 
Fill up the sneaky keyring flask with your favourite tipple... and the next time you feel knock-kneed, take a subtle swig to acquire all the courage you can handle. Why not do it the Dutch way?! 


5. The Daddy Mug - Tea, Coffee or anything... Let him have it in the Daddy mug! 

6. Ball Socks - Why have boring socks? Have Funky Socks! 
Why settle for the boring grey socks in your top drawer, when you could have these amazing ball socks! At the end of a tiring day when you take your socks off, roll them into a ball to form your favourite sports ball, score a goal and feel like a champion! 


7. A great gift for the handsome bearded gentleman! 


        Beard Mug                   Beer'd Bottle Opener 


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