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10 Hacks & Tips To Becoming A Master Baker!

Posted on August 03 2015

Always pouring a little too much food colouring and then completely ruining the colour? Well no more!
The chart below shows the ratios of colouring , needed to create the exact colour that you desire...

Birthday cakes made easy! Pour sprinkles into a number cookie cutter, to create an appealing and sharp looking cake! You could do this using any cookie or toast cutters... try this out using our Batman or Simpsons toast cutters!

The secret behind, the famous checkerboard cake... you're welcome!

Dollop a scope of cookie dough mix into cupcake tins and form a well, to create those Pinterest worthy cookie cups. Add a couple ice-cream bites, made using our Shake 'n' Make, Ice-Cream Maker for the perfect treat!

Do the same with brownie batters and bake with another cupcake tin on top!

Never been able to master the two-tone buttercream swirl? We just made things a whole lot easier for you... 

Drop your filled cake tin onto a flat surface, before baking, to prevent any air bubbles forming on top!

Impress your guests with this intricate lattice work hack, ideal for cookies, biscuits or even pie toppers...

No time to wait for your cupcake to cool and then frost them? Stick a marshmallow on top and pop them back into the oven until melted!

There's no need to purchase those expensive heart shaped cupcake cases! Just stick a marble or baking bead into the tops of the tins!


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Image Sources: Pinterest

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