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Fridge Box

Posted on September 01 2015

Making lunch in the morning is hard as it is.
What's worse is when the food doesn't even taste as good at lunchtime!
Throw away all your worries as we now have the perfect solution to this problem...
The Fridge Box, 5 Piece Bento Box! 
Keeping your meal fresh with no further worries of your food getting squashed, this fridge-shaped lunch box includes cutlery and is microwave safe. 
Keeping lunch fresh and un-squashed is an age old problem.
From cave men, to miners to kids at school, humans have always needed to safeguard their snacks until midday.
The way we keep food fresh and un-squashed at the office is by keeping it in our fridge, and for times there isn't one available we recommend Fridge Box.
A Bento Box shaped like a refrigerator, keeping your food protected from dirt, impact, hungry classmates and colleagues! 
Available in Red and Pink, on funkystore.com
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