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Father shocked as his 3 month old son declares that he loves him!

Posted on August 07 2015

Father of three month old Ben stunned as his baby utters an 'I love you' to his father!
The first 'I love you' is always the most special one, agreed by many. But why not make every 'I love you' special with small gifts to add the icing to the cake once in a while? Surprise your love and make it feel like the first 'I love you' all over again! 
1. Love Hearts Tealights 
Designed to look like the wrapping of Love Hearts Sweets, unwrap them and you'll discover a set of six candles all reading a romantic message. Turn any occasion into a special one! 
2. Love Hearts Heat Change Mug 
Surprising him/her with a coffee is good enough. Go further and pour the coffee into this mug to reveal the message - 'I love you'. 
3. Eggspress 
Surprise your love with a cute breakfast, salad or even lunch adding Heart Shaped Eggs using this simple Egg Mould! Simple, quick and effective! 
4. Heart Straws 

If saying I love you with flowers and an acoustic guitar is too cliché, then do it with a milkshake. Hand over a casual glass, surprising them as they find a Heart Shaped Straw in there! It's all about the little things!
5. Love Hearts Hand Warmers 
It may be cold outside but these reusable Love Heart shaped hand warmers will keep you warm and cosy. Simply click the metal disk inside each one and they instantly heat up to a toasty 55 degrees centigrade. 
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Source: Daily Mail  

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