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Valentines Day Must Haves For Her!

Posted on February 01 2016

Love Heart Handwarmers

It may be cold outside but these reusable Love Heart shaped hand warmers will keep you warm and cosy. Simply click the metal disc inside each one and they instantly heat up to a toasty 55 degrees centigrade.

Heart Eggpress

Is there anything more comforting than eggs on toast? Well what about these egg moulds that turn out perfectly boiled eggs as perfect little hearts? No other breakfast can say, “I love you” in quite the same way. And they’re dishwasher safe so you don’t even have to do the washing up. Now that is a lovely idea.
You Complete Me- Heart Shaped Puzzle

This wooden heart jigsaw is a rare thing, a gift which is beautifully romantic but also understated, classy and unusual. Made from beautiful heat stamped wood, packaged loose in a soft touch box. As the giver, you build the jigsaw, turn it over and write a special message on the rear. Once the message is penned, the jigsaw is broken up and returned to it’s box to be presented to the lucky recipient.


Gold 24 Carat Pure Golden Rose

This beautiful piece is dipped in pure 24 carat gold and is elegantly crafted by our highly skilled designers. It takes a few days to complete the process and to preserve the natural beauty forever. 


Chupa Chups Scented Tea Lights

Add a bit of style to your bedroom or bathroom with this set of Chupa Chups Scented Tea Lights. A set of five delightful candles that once lit give off the sweetly scented aromas of your favourite Chupa Chups flavours, including Vanilla and Strawberry & Cream.

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