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Back to School Stationary

Posted on August 26 2015

Already time to buy your back to school stationary? Buy products with style and amaze your peers with these unique, must-have stationary products this year!
High Styler - Highlighters
Specially shaped highlighters, disguised as nail varnish bottles.
Bring a bit of style to your notes and a smile to your face. Lovely and luscious, every shade you need to suit your mood and match your style. 
Lippy Markers 
The quickest way any self-respecting girl can get her thoughts down is by scribbling them across a mirror with her stick of ruby red. Won't it be much better then, to keep a purpose built pen disguised as make-up on your dresser? Used with paper, you will never waste make-up or glass cleaner again!
Ice Cream Sticky Notes
Why use boring Sticky Notes when you can use fun, ice cream ones? All your great ideas will come fast as you will be eager to write on your Funky Sticky Notes! 
Gore on Error Erasers 
Our War on Error erasers are rubbery reminders that everyone makes mistakes! You won't be regretting this one as you will be restless to use these cool erasers! 
Bacon Scented Erasers
Improve the flavour of your work with these bacon scented erasers. Designed as adorably cute pink pigs, these pencil erasers will be sure to add a little bit of style to your pencil case!
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